Eden's Garden Birth

Birth Education and Doula Support by Amy Rollogas

I offer doula support for your labor and private childbirth education in your home in the Richmond, Va metro area and west to Charlottesville, Va. I also offer instruction in acupressure for labor and moxibustion for breech. 

childbirth class Testimonials

Susan and Zack

Dr. Monica Powers, Memorial Regional Medical Center

My husband and I were truly thankful for Amy as we prepared for the birth of our first child. As any first time parents, it can be hard to sift through tons of information and reading blogs of how to prepare for the arrival of a baby. We decided that we would benefit so much in having a doula and we are so glad that we did! We chose Amy because she seemed to have a professional yet easy going personality. As she sat down with us, she always presented new materials for us to consider and were insightful for my husband and I to discuss. She helped us think through a birth plan and we even enrolled in her birth course. That course alone provided so much helpful information and we know we will want to use in future births. Now my pregnancy had a lot of twist and turns that made my ideal birth plan not plausible but Amy was beyond encouraging and helpful as we were presented with news from the doctors.  She made me feel so comfortable and helped my husband and I work through contractions together. She went over and beyond to protect our wishes and made the best of every hurdle. My husband and I ended up having a c section with our son and the decision could have been crushing to me but Amy was a vessel of grace and helped us make the best decision for our family. We enjoyed every bit of having Amy walk through my pregnancy and would definitely recommend her to any to be parents. 

Jenni and Adrian

St Mary's Hospital

Amy was such a steadying presence during my pregnancy and delivery. My husband and I took advantage of her birth education class as a refresher to prepare for our second child's birth. We were extremely satisfied with every moment of our interaction with Amy. I love that she was sensitive to what I wanted during pregnancy and delivery. She made me feel supported in my choices and listened to my fears. She offers answers to questions without judgement. She is quick to respond to texts and emails and was able to quickly make it to the hospital in the middle of the night for our 4AM delivery. I HIGHLY recommend Amy and her services as a doula! 

Alyssa & Brian E.

Dr. Laura Pendlebury, Henrico Doctors Hospital

Our classes with Amy were extremely informative and enlightening. She has an obvious passion for childbirth education and is quite effective at communicating. We believe after taking her class we were as knowledgeable as untrained people could be about the pregnancy and the birthing process. The books she recommended to us were useful both before and after the birth of our son. We planned a natural childbirth and she was a great resource for our birthing plan and preparation. When our baby turned breech, she gave us contacts and information to help us through the uncertainty. When we ended up having to have a c-section birth, but she was able to guide us through different questions we should ask and different things we might experience post-partum. Because of this (and extremely good care by our OB-GYN and nurses) we were able to have a very smooth recovery. She was (and remains) available for questions at any time.

Jeanette & Mike C.

Dr. Sumac Diaz, CJW Chippenham Medical Center

I had a private class with Amy for my pregnancy. She came to our house and helped my husband and I realize that although we were health professionals and though we knew a lot about labor and delivery we still did not have to succumb to the medical model of the process. Without Amy I would never have had the confidence to truly believe that a natural birth is something I could have achieved. She also provided great resource videos and handouts and encouraged us to get a doula, which was the best decision we could have made. I would recommend Amy's class to any family interested in natural birth.

Judi & Rennie B.

The Midwives at St. Francis

Amy was very helpful as a childbirth educator. She anticipated my husband's questions, who had little exposure to childbirth and babies prior to my first pregnancy. She equipped us with real tools to understand and cope with the both of our childbirths. I have no doubt that she is well equipped to be a doula and would be my first choice should we have any future children.