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Birth Education and Doula Support by Amy Rollogas

I offer doula support for your labor and private childbirth education in your home in the Richmond, Va metro area and west to Charlottesville, Va. I also offer instruction in acupressure for labor and moxibustion for breech. 

Doula Services Testimonials

Jamie and Donnie

Midwives at St Francis

My birth experience with Amy was both a surprise and also exactly what I needed! On the day I felt my body progressing into active labor, the doula I had originally booked was attending another woman's birth (which I knew was also a possibility). She let me know that she had a backup doula ready to go to attend my daughter's birth and it was Amy. Since I trusted my doula I had no worries that Amy would be perfect for the job. My goodness was she ever! I had met Amy once in passing and she definitely did not let that fact get in the way of being 100% "in" our birth experience. Amy was already in the area that afternoon just in case I did need her to get to the hospital quickly - so dedicated and professional! She jumped right in upon entering my L&D room rubbing my back and helping to hold my hips and work through contractions. She suggested and helped me try different positions to help however possible. When active labor hit she was helping me to move and coaching me through pushing - she somehow knew exactly how to coach me despite us basically just meeting (a true gift). My experience was everything I had hoped it to be: natural, strong and beautiful. She stayed with us following my daughter's birth to help get a few photos for us and make sure I was healthy and ready to move to our final room destination. I cannot imagine that experience without Amy's presence and am in awe of her gifts and abilities! I would recommend Amy to anyone who is expecting! 

Susan and Zack

Dr. Monica Powers, Memorial Regional Medical Center

My husband and I were truly thankful for Amy as we prepared for the birth of our first child. As any first time parents, it can be hard to sift through tons of information and reading blogs of how to prepare for the arrival of a baby. We decided that we would benefit so much in having a doula and we are so glad that we did! We chose Amy because she seemed to have a professional yet easy going personality. As she sat down with us, she always presented new materials for us to consider and were insightful for my husband and I to discuss. She helped us think through a birth plan and we even enrolled in her birth course. That course alone provided so much helpful information and we know we will want to use in future births. Now my pregnancy had a lot of twist and turns that made my ideal birth plan not plausible but Amy was beyond encouraging and helpful as we were presented with news from the doctors.  She made me feel so comfortable and helped my husband and I work through contractions together. She went over and beyond to protect our wishes and made the best of every hurdle. My husband and I ended up having a c section with our son and the decision could have been crushing to me but Amy was a vessel of grace and helped us make the best decision for our family. We enjoyed every bit of having Amy walk through my pregnancy and would definitely recommend her to any to be parents. 

Jenni and Adrian

St Mary's Hospital

Amy was such a steadying presence during my pregnancy and delivery. My husband and I took advantage of her birth education class as a refresher to prepare for our second child's birth. We were extremely satisfied with every moment of our interaction with Amy. I love that she was sensitive to what I wanted during pregnancy and delivery. She made me feel supported in my choices and listened to my fears. She offers answers to questions without judgement. She is quick to respond to texts and emails and was able to quickly make it to the hospital in the middle of the night for our 4AM delivery. I HIGHLY recommend Amy and her services as a doula! 

Bernice and Bobby

Dr. Thomas Mead, St Mary's Hospital

Amy was my doula for my last two deliveries. Amy had a remarkable way of meeting my every need, and being invisible at the same time. I had different needs for each delivery, and Amy was quick to figure out how to help me. She was also continually reassuring me that I was in charge of my birth, which I needed to hear. A lot.

Amy's help didn't end at the delivery room. I had a baby that wouldn't nurse, and she went out of her way to lend me books, and find very helpful articles for me. If I were to have any more babies, I would, without a doubt, have Amy as my doula again. She is amazing! I could not have done it without her!


Bethany & Vince

Dr. Edmond Schoeffler, Henrico Doctor's Hospital

Amy was our doula as we welcomed our third child into the world in May (2014). I had experienced a posterior birth (baby turned wrong and ultimately becoming stuck) with our second child, so it was important to me to have a doula who was experienced and knowledgeable regarding posterior births and techniques to get baby to turn, both leading up to and during birth. Amy gave me several exercises to do and talked through several different scenarios with me to help me mentally prepare for a potentially hard birth. Instead, our baby was born after two hours of labor! During the hardest part of labor, right before I started pushing, my contractions were excruciating (I was fully dilated but my water hadn't broken) and seemed to lift my whole body off the table. Amy at one point went down and pushed against the bottom of my foot... I was surprised how much the counter pressure seemed to at least take the edge off the pain. Afterwards, she told me she'd used a pressure point intended to calm nerves and pain during labor - I'd never even heard of this technique but was so glad she did it! Early in labor, I was so scared of a terrible posterior birth that I was demanding the epidural right up until I pushed. Amy never pushed me or spoke condescendingly to me and even though things progressed too quickly to get the epidural, I felt supported in whatever decision I made. Overall, we had a wonderful experience and highly recommend Amy as a doula to ANYone but especially those considering or pursuing a natural birth! She is quick on her feet, intuitive, knowledgeable about all things related to birth and the different options out there - whether how local hospitals differ in practice or what to expect with a c-section - and most importantly, passionate about helping women achieve the best possible birth experience for her and her baby. Our baby boy is a daily reminder of the gratitude we owe in part to Amy for helping us bring him into the world!


Rebecca & Charlie

Dr. Karen Jefferson, St. Mary's Hospital

In a word, "Wow." Amy provided all we needed as first time parents. She gave us lots of useful information, but she presented in a way that wasn't overwhelming. She helped us apply what we were learning with exercises that helped us make educated decisions about our birth experience and got us in a mindset to accept if there were challenges. Thanks to her, we were able to write a thorough birth plan to guide our nurses and discuss important issues before we were in the heat of the moment. We were also able to discuss some of our decisions with our OB ahead of time so she knew what our goal was and we could work together to devise a plan we could both accept. She believed in me and my desire for a natural delivery and I never felt she was trying to transfer her personal birth opinions on me.

On the day of our birth, Amy provided a sense of calm. She asked thoughtful questions, and she knew when to step back and when to step in. We trusted her completely to carry out our wishes and help us make decisions when things went a little differently than planned. She had the medical knowledge to give us the pros and cons to things as they arose and knew us well enough to advocate on our behalf with the nurse and the doctor. She was there until the bitter end, and we were confident that her ultimate goal was a safe, healthy birth as close to our original plan as physically possible.

At my postpartum checkup, my OB couldn't stop talking about how wonderful it was to have Amy in the room when our son made his debut.


G & A

Henrico Doctor's Hospital

When we were ready to adopt our first baby, we really didn't know what to expect. My husband and I have both been friends with Amy for years and seen the love and attention she puts into expecting Mommas, advising, educating and helping with the birth process.

I felt like I was missing out on a little of the experience, even though we were really blessed to be a part of the process from early on with our birth mom, including ultrasounds, baby classes, hospital tours etc. I decided that this was too special of a day to go through it unsupported. Since we had agreed to not have our families at the hospital, so that we could be respectful of the birth mom and the very emotional event that was going to take place, I asked if Amy would come and support us- maybe snap a few pictures, but mostly to support us. I knew her knowlege and calmness would be reassuring to me, if anything medical would have come up.

She really helped taked the edge off of the unfamiliarity of the process.  She made me feel very special and loved, and helped us with our skin to skin contact with the baby at the very beginning. She took the ever important first photos, she even brought us food. Mostly her sweet demeanor and passion for equipping new parents with everything they need to negotiate the first few hours of parenthood stood out the most. She had given us the pertinent parts of her class on childbirth-- which was very well organized and informative. We learned what to expect, what was normal and what rights we had in the hospital, as far as the baby was concerned. It was very empowering.

I have no doubts that ANYONE who uses Amy as their doula will have the exact same wonderful experience that we did. She is one of those people who recognizes the sacredness of what is happening- and is the exact amount of unobtrusiveness yet supportiveness that you need in that situation. We recommend her HIGHLY! I wouldn't have shared the birth of our son with anyone else.